Education and student experience

Enriching minds,
transforming lives

Our vision: To create outstanding, transformative, research-connected learning experiences that empower our diverse community of students and teaching staff to achieve their highest potential.

Our curriculum will adapt and continue to evolve to attract talented students from across the United Kingdom and internationally, with journeys enriched by connections to up-to-the-minute research and relevance to their future careers.

Our research-connected curriculum is the cornerstone of a University of Liverpool experience that aims to embed a unique blend of opportunities, enjoyment and preparation for future success in a rapidly changing world. Our ambition is to enable every student to fulfil their own.

In partnership with our Guild of Students, we will focus on several objectives to ensure students’ current and future needs and plans are at the heart of what we do. We will ensure they are equipped not only with the knowledge and capabilities that make them most attractive to employers, but also with the confidence and entrepreneurial skills to compete successfully in the job markets of the future. And we commit to a learning experience that equips students with excellent digital skills and uses technology to support a rich partnership between staff and students. It also shapes campus environments and a caring and inclusive community that support every student to achieve their goals.

Our education and student experience objectives

Provide a suite of stimulating programmes that are attractive to the most talented students worldwide, valued by employers, and support our ambitions for growth, particularly in postgraduate study

We will:  

  • Reimagine our research-connected curriculum to focus on applying the University’s research to real-world problems, emphasise skills development that leads to success in further study and highly-skilled work, and ensure that qualified students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to succeed in their studies and research
  • Expand our portfolio of postgraduate programmes and review our portfolio more broadly to ensure it is coherent, efficient and attractive to our domestic and global student audiences
  • Grow our transnational education offer, building on our successful partnerships with Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and Kaplan, to expand our portfolio of innovative programmes using online, hybrid and blended approaches
  • Equip all students with an understanding of sustainability and the tools to be agents for positive change.

Embrace digital opportunities to enhance our curricula – so that our students have more flexibility of how and when they learn, are adept in both physical and online environments, and prepared for a wide variety of careers

We will redesign our curricula to:

  • Combine the best of in-person and interactive online learning methods to provide more flexibility in how and when students want to study, embrace the future demand from students wanting to learn at their own pace, and open up learning opportunities to a broader range of students
  • Exploit the best digital technologies, offer a personalised learning experience that promotes high engagement, satisfaction and achievement, and integrate artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality into our programmes
  • Offer progressive optionality and specialisation in our research strengths in preparation for a variety of career paths
  • Reduce unnecessary workload for staff and students to focus our efforts on the most impactful teaching and learning opportunities.

Ensure our students are confident, adaptable, self-reliant and internationally competitive for the best jobs – through embedded employability and a range of co- and extra-curricular activities that support their personal and professional development

We will:

  • Offer a Year in Industry option on all non-clinical programmes
  • Offer a stimulating range of inclusive extracurricular opportunities such as global study, volunteering, field trips and projects with employers to all students who want to participate, including options to study abroad as part of all non-clinical programmes
  • Provide a programme of enterprise education, entrepreneurial skills development and support for all students, and support those students wishing to start their own business, including through learning from the city’s success in community-led businesses
  • Provide sector-leading support and advice to ensure our students reflect on their needs to develop in a competitive jobs market and recognise their own skills set in readiness for a variety of career opportunities.

Provide the highest-level of support to ensure all students achieve personal and academic success – developing each student’s ability to manage their wellbeing and feel welcome in a caring, respectful and inclusive community and campuses, underpinned by our Student Success Framework

We will:

  • Work with our city region to provide opportunities for our students to make a profound contribution to our local community through work placements and volunteering
  • Develop, through staff and students working in partnership, a new approach to student support that is more responsive and accessible
  • Create vibrant and welcoming campuses in Liverpool and Wirral, supporting a broad range of curricular and co-curricular activities in an environment where students can succeed in all aspects of their life
  • Further develop our extensive virtual campus to support students in all aspects of their university experience
  • Build respectful, supportive and inclusive communities by providing effective induction and welcome programmes along with other experiences that engage and involve students to ensure they all feel safe, secure and welcome on our campuses
  • Enable students’ greater control of their own learning and career development opportunities through a structured, proactive and tailored support model enhanced by the use of analytics data.

What will a successful student experience look like?

Our students will report excellent levels of satisfaction as measured by the annual National Student Survey.